About Natalie

Professional photography with a touch of sweetness

Hi, I’m Natalie. I'm a happy-go-lucky lady – I have an awesome husband and four precious kids, one dog, two guinea pigs, and three turtles. I have a degree in Studio Art from Hastings College (my husband and I blow glass!), I love traveling, cooking, and have a passion for photography. (I’ve been known to force my husband to pull over on road trips for interesting shadows or murals.)

I love to tell stories through photographs. Not the story of your kids being miserable and forced to smile in a cramped studio. The real you. The story of your family – the silly faces, the loving hugs, and all the tender moments in between. I want you to walk away from your session feeling like you actually had fun and maybe even made a new friend!

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Photo of Photographer, Natalie Fetter, holding a camera and smiling, in front of a rock wall  formationSketchy illustration of a sun
Sketchy camera illustration in black with a yellow organic background shape

My family & I

Photo of Natalie Fetter and her family in nice clothes, outside on a sunny day
Photo of Natalie Fetter and her children in a dark photo studio wearing bright colored clothes